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Transformation Programs for Senior Executive Teams

Why We Exist

We exist to help senior management teams solve two common problems:

Consultants help formulate strategy.Coaches hone individual managers' skills.But there remains a large gap between your strategy and its implementation by teams and individuals.All too often, strategy fails to break out of the C-Suite, while coaching remains generic and un-informed by strategy.What if your strategy and its implementation could be aligned by design?For a successful strategic implementation, strategy must be people-focused: it must become real to the teams and individuals who carry it out.Inflexion.Institute works with the C-Suite and with management teams to connect strategy rollout and implementation follow-through.We stick around to get the job done.

Scaling New Peaks

New opportunities are emerging. New markets are opening up, new technologies are changing your playing field, new products are now feasible, even necessary.You want to structure and motivate your team to make the most of these opportunities.You want smooth coordination, easy communication, and everyone pulling in the same direction and at the same pace. You want everyone working together for peak performance.You want motivated alignment.

Use cases: Scaling New Peaks

Out of the Forest

The organization feels like it has lost its way, has disconnected from its original purpose. Customers and employees alike feel the company's best days are behind it. Momentum has slowed, motivation is scarce.This is not an uncommon state of affairs for a business. But organizations hesitate to talk about it or address it, hoping that a positive external catalyst or an eventual change of management will help the organization find its way again. In the meantime, morale is low, key employees have started to leave, and results are stagnant or declining, opportunities are missed.Don't wait until these signs show up.

Use cases: Out of the Forest


We work on in-depth engagements in which we begin with an internal and external analysis, building on any work that has already been done.
We get to deeply know your organization, people, structures and processes, markets, customers, competitors, technology, economics, and regulations.
We work with the top management team to formulate strategy, vision, and objectives on the basis of which we develop an implementation plan.

Strategy is implemented by people.
We help organizations connect strategy, rollout, implementation and follow-through.
Our uniqueness is the combination of strategy and its seamless integration with our coaching.
From formulating strategy with the C-Suite, to facilitating the CEO's messaging to motivating the operational manager to lead her team, and measure results, we work with you all the way through.

Who We Are

We are a group of international experts drawn from industry and academia with a deep understanding of business and people issues, and the interaction of those two.Our consultants and coaches have decades of experience working with leading companies around the world to develop and implement strategy.We are experts at breaking Strategy out of the C-Suite and ensuring follow-through. In everything we do, we begin with the premise that strategy is implemented through people, that strategy and people are intertwined.We are led by Managing Partner, Prof. Niraj Dawar.

Prof. Niraj Dawar has three decades of experience as a consultant and facilitator for some of the world's leading organizations, including Microsoft, BMW, HSBC, Manulife, McCain Foods and many others in a variety of industries and geographies. He is a widely published academic whose work has appeared in some of the leading journals in the field. His seminal articles in the Harvard Business Review, award-winning publications in the M.I.T. Sloan Management Review and his best selling book TILT, and dozens of case studies that are used to educate managers at business schools around the world continue to have impact on the practice of management.

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If your senior management team is getting ready to scale new peaks or your company is looking to find its way out of the forest, please contact us to set up a time to discuss.